Hand-Linked Toe: Seamless Socks for Babies

Hand Linked Toe with A Single ThreadTo ensure maximal comfort, our organic cotton baby socks use hand-linked toe seams. This means that there is only one single thread linking the two sections of our socks together. In other words, socks with hand-linked toes feel seamless and so are much more comfortable for your baby than ordinary socks. 

It requires much more effort to make hand-linked socks over normal, machine-linked socks. To link toe seams with only a single thread, our trained workers must be very skilled and attentive. Therefore, when you buy a pair of luxury Pure baby socks, you’ll know that a lot of care and attention has gone into their production – as much care and attention as your baby deserves!

Fake Hand Linked Toe - Pure® Organic Baby SocksFinally, on a side note, be wary of ordinary socks which claim to have ‘hand-linked toes’. Despite the name, most of these socks are actually ‘machine simulated’. This means that while they might appear to be seamless from the outside, when you turn them inside out you can clearly feel an uncomfortable ‘bone’ near the toe. Your baby's soft feet will definitely be able to tell the difference too. That’s why you should only buy hand-linked socks from trusted, luxury brands like Pure.

Hand-linked toe socks are essential for your baby’s comfort. Once your baby experiences the luxury of seamless socks, they’ll feel like they’re walking on air!

Luxury sock brands using Hand-Linked Toe: Corgisocks and Pantherella.


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