Naturally Coloured Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is naturally coloured. While commercial cotton fibres are all an off-white yellow colour, we are able to grow cotton that is naturally red, brown and even green. This means that our socks are completely chemical free because they don’t have to be dyed (modern socks, even white ones, must be dyed to produce their colour). For this reason, our PURE socks are ideal for babies, whose sensitive skin can be irritated by chemicals used in the dyeing process.

Naturally coloured cotton is rare because of its low yields and the specialized harvesting techniques required to grow it. However, using naturally coloured fabric has many benefits over using commercial cotton: our socks feel much softer than standard baby socks and also do not lose their colour with time. Because of these reasons, naturally coloured cotton is both the most expensive and the most luxurious cotton in the world. 

As an expert in baby socks, Pure® only use organic cotton grown in the Golden Latitude (between 34°S and 47°N).  This region is famous for its dry climate, pure unpolluted soil and long hours of sunshine - conditions which make it perfect for growing cotton. The Golden Latitude is, therefore, able to grow the healthiest and highest quality cotton in the world.

Finally, our organic cotton is GOTS Certified, so you can rest assured that our healthy PURE socks will great for both your child and the environment.


What is Organic Cotton?

What is Naturally Coloured Cotton